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We Guarrantee:

Our FVDI-2018 is original FLY tool, our FVDI-2018 is also connected to FLY server!!

All our FVDI-2018 will support all FLY future update software!

Because FLY FVDI server has meet one problem, so for around 10 days (10th-20th July 2018), all original FVDI has stop wrking, today finanlly FLY has fixed their server problem, and publish their update software for FVDI.

New Update software(published on 20th-July-2018) will make your FVDI working again!

Some competitors are saying we are selling Clone FVDI-2018, because they want to push buyers to buy from them, no other reason.  

they are liars, not us!


Original FVDI-2018 Update :

You can download FVDI-2018 update software (published on 20th-July-2018) from FLY website:

www.flyobd.com ( ) 

FLY website may run slowly, please keep patience!


You also can direct use below link (copied from FLY website) to download FVDI-2018 update software:

FVDI2018 v3.0 (published on 20th-July-2018): 



Original FVDI-2015 Update:

After update, if your FVDI-2015 still has problem, please contact us, our technician can reflash your FVDI firmware.

Below link (copied from FLY website: www.flyobd.com ) is to download original FVDI-2015 update software:

(it is Only for oringal FVDI-2015, even locked original FVDI-2015, you can try the update software)

FVDI2015 v9.0 (published on 20th-July-2018):


Clone FVDI-2015 please don't use the updated software.

If you are not sure which version of your FVDI-2015 is, please contact us.


Clone FVDI-2015 Update:

Clone FVDI-2015 still no update, please only use your CD software, don't try other software, it may damage your FVDI.

Below is FVDI Full 2015 V6.3 software download link:



FVDI 2015 Installation video via this link:



FVDI 2014 still no update, you just continue use your CD software.

FVDI 2014 software download link:  https://mega.nz/#!AcZx1Zra!Z4iiH_DZnMGoiDH8PbmY30Zv1HK7u7C9qgaLktcoiXE  




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